Grumbacher Opaque Watercolor (Set of 24)

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Grumbacher uses two formulas for their pan watercolors, so you can enjoy the clarity of a transparent watercolor or the velvety coverage of an opaque. The colors are poured into large, circular cakes that snap in and out of the trays for cleaning and rearranging.

Opaque 24-Pan Set — Includes 24 pans, one in each of the following opaque colors: Light Yellow, Light Orange, Light Red, Deep Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Leaf Green, Sea Green, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Umber, Black, Lemon Yellow, Indian Yellow, Violet, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise Blue, French Green, Magenta, Cyan Blue, Olive, Flesh Tone, Gold, and Silver.