William Mitchell Calligraphy Selection Set

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British based William Mitchell Calligraphy has been designing and manufacting exceptional pens for almost 200 years. Renowned worldwide for their quality, our pens are the first choice for professional calligraphers, scribes and aspiring students.

The William Mitchell Calligraphy Selection includes a variety of nibs for Italic, Scroll, Copperplate and general writing.

It also includes the Post Office nib and Witch Pen for writing on an uneven surface.
Includes the multipurpose pen holder and a magnet.
William Mitchell nib points have a protective lacquer to prevent tarnishing.

Briefly immerse the full pen point in boiling water before first use to remove. Washing your pen in lukewarm water after each use, then drying it gently with paper tissue, will maintain its optimum performance.


The selection boxes cleverly include a small magnet for lifting the nibs out of the storage sections without having to tip all the nibs out.

Contents Include:

5 x Italic Dip Pen Nibs - 1 x Italic No. 1R, 1 x Italic No. 2R, 1 x Italic No. 3R, 1 x Italic No. 4R, 1 x Italic No. 5R
1 x Reservoir
1 x Post Office Nib
3 x Scroll Dip Pen Nibs - 1 x Scroll No. 10, 1 x Scroll No. 30, 1 x Scroll No. 50
1 x Elbow Copperplate Nib; 1 x Magnet (for lifting nibs from the box)
1 x Witch Pen No. 2
1 x Pen Holder
1 x Clear Pen Box